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cloud Migration and  management

Cloud Migration and Management is a key enabler of Digital Transformation, ONIS leverages Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Oracle Cloud to help customers with this journey. The transition to the cloud is complex, and we can help.

Understanding the Path

to the Cloud

Cloud based solutions will provide cost, performance and availability to customers looking to gain competitive advantage. They can provide great value, and understanding how to use them most efficiently while balancing cost, risk, and performance is no easy task. The cloud transition is  about migrating your data; it is a cloud IT solution that will leverage your data assets to optimize and automate all your business processes. The ONIS team of IT experts will help you define the best cloud computing strategy to follow.

Our elite team of cloud technology professionals, experts on Cloud Migration and Management, will lead the path to the cloud in 3 phases to better understand your needs and expectations:

  1. Initial Work Session – Our cloud technicians will analyze your current environment, evaluate your needs and expectations, and study the capabilities you require to achieve optimal operational performance.

  2.  Cloud Suitability Assessment – Before starting the transition to the cloud, our specialists will perform a cloud migration assessment to determine the best cloud migration roadmap to follow after a full evaluation of your needs and goals, along with  technology and cost-benefit analysis of which applications are the best candidates for the transition to the cloud.

  3. Cloud Tool Evaluation and Selection – Once the cloud migration roadmap is defined, it is time to select the best tools to accomplish your goals. To show customers what’s possible, ONIS offers customers the chance to visit our Cloud Platform facility, a proof-of-concept lab that allows customers to see how we design private, hybrid, and multiple cloud environments with the Cloud IT Solutions.



Once you are satisfied with your cloud migration roadmap, our cloud technicians will start your transition to the cloud by building cloud-specific components and processes, test and refine as necessary, and finally deploy your new system in the cloud.


Integrate and Launch

Applications Fast

Many successful companies have built mission-critical applications from the ground up and have hosted them internally since their inception. But in today’s fast-paced world, speed, reliability, agility, and scalability are paramount in the ever-changing digital world.

ONIS leverages our in-house tools to accelerate and enhance Cloud Migration and Management. Our cloud-based solutions draw their strength by contextually managing data in a virtual environment, allowing us to quickly integrate and launch your applications and build a translation path to the cloud.

By migrating these applications—in full or in part—to  public, private or hybrid cloud, ONIS helps companies improve their business capability model and customer service.

Manage Multiple Cloud Environments

Every business is different and requires unique cloud IT solutions. Our Cloud Migration and Management offerings provide a wide variety of data migration strategies, including managing hybrid and multiple cloud environments.

Your customers can use our service layer to manage and generate the best business capability quickly through a defined business process. Our management suite allows you to manage multiple cloud environments to reduce licenses and measure costs accordingly while enabling successful cloud automation.

ONIS Cloud Migration and Management

Regardless of your data migration strategy, ONIS Cloud Migration and Management services offer an ample array of cloud based solutions, tools, hosting, and strategies that can comfortably accommodate  your business capability model.

application services

Our cloud technology professionals work with several applications that will facilitate cloud development:

  • ONIS Digital Architect

  • Data Fabric

  • Cloud Management Monitoring Suites


cloud infrastructure

As an IT Company, we have partnered with several cloud vendors to offer a wide variety of cloud provisioning to our clients. Each cloud infrastructure offers distinct advantages. Depending on your data migration strategy and preferences, our cloud technology professionals will help you choose the ideal infrastructure that bests meets your goals and requirements. We have partnered with:

  • Amazon

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Google

  • Oracle

software-defined infrastructure

Our in-house cloud provisioning will enable in weeks, not months, a platform that has been purpose-built  to enable Digital Transformation successfully.

  • ONIS Digital Architect: ODA is a codeless/low code platform that will revolutionize the way you work, while quickly and cost-effectively modernizing your IT processes.  Learn More.


The experts on Cloud Migration and Management

While some vendors will migrate your business to the cloud, ONIS works to make the transition not just seamless but also focused on making sure your cloud computing strategy, business capability model, and business intelligence can take advantage of the move.  Remove the silos from your business with the ONIS Data Fabric to quickly ingest data (legacy to real-time) and leverage Digital Architect  to develop a path for your applications swiftly. 

ONIS Cloud Migration and Management can be realized as Software-as-a-Service or as a lift and shift.  Our cloud technology professional will help define the best cloud provisioning suited for your transition.

After our cloud technicians have  completed your cloud transition, you will have unlocked  access to ONIS AI and ML cloud automation services that will allow the ability to add IoT capability to your cloud-based solutions seamlessly.

Our cloud automation services will ensure efficient and optimal business processes by reducing human error on repetitive tasks achieving quick decision-making

The ONIS Advantage

Our team is ready 24/7/365 to deliver the ground-breaking effective cloud IT Solutions that will help your company achieve operational performance excellence. With over 250 + engineers and IT professionals with an average of 15 years of experience, we pride ourselves in our Multi Shore Delivery Model – a model that allows time zone alignment with our clients while providing competitive cost structures, same time zone delivery, and support. We are consistently delivering successful engagements and unparalleled depth of industry expertise.

With ONIS Cloud Migration and Management, offerings, not only migrate your business to the cloud, but also make the jump to the digital era.


case study:

A major Telecom in Mexico and provider of triple play services wanted to migrate a large set of applications to the cloud where cost was a major factor


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