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IT PRactices

IT Practices cover a broad range of industries and occupations, making them a fundamental part of any business to thrive in today’s marketplace. As they continue to evolve, elaborating, and delivering successful IT  strategies now play a key role in enterprises to accomplish their goals. 

We bring technology solutions to life

Today, IT leaders around the globe are reaching out to grasp more and more technologies to help them create efficient IT strategies to overcome everyday challenges in their business operations. Here is where ONIS, as an IT provider, comes in. We specialize in IT service delivery and technology solutions through our IT practices, hence, solving challenges using technology. We fuse big ideas with creative and engaging experiences founded in research. We make it relevant, easy to use, and profitable. The best part is because we are ONIS Solutions, we bring those IT solutions to life.  

We have the it expertise

We are strategists, user researchers, business analysts, designers, information architects, project managers, developers, and relationship managers. We are a team of digital business consultants working towards a common goal – solving your business challenges.

We focus on successfully delivering technology solutions through our IT Practices: PMO, CRM (Salesforce/Siebel, CPQ), Data Management and Migration, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, Process Automation, Cloud Automation, Migration and Management, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Digital Transformation

How we work 

Our IT Practices provide a critical link between our strategy, usability, and IT services and the best-in-class development and integration provided by our multilingual team. Unlike many other IT firms, ONIS Solutions enjoys a close, intimate relationship with our implementation and delivery teams. We always  include them early in the ideation and design process to ensure all requirements and needs are met. In addition to ensuring that your project makes a successful transition from IT strategy to delivery, our IT practice leads work closely with our industry partners, such as IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle to keep current with their latest and upcoming technologies, to set the standard for what is possible with these integration platforms, and to drive innovation. 


Our data science taskforce has deep comprehension and expertise in complex IT topics, such as Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Business Process Management. We can help you identify the gaps and guide your business to become data-powered, not data-driven by leveraging data as a strategic asset.  As an IT provider, let us map out your digital transformation to achieve optimization.


Our digital business consultants are constantly acquiring certifications on the latest technologies, in particular We have achieved Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner status in a very short period.  Our CRM Optimization Practice team is ready to help you strengthen your Customer Relationship Management and bring your company and clients together. We are certified partners in Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Ericsson Digital BSS, and Amdocs CRM.

OUR IT Practices

Within each of our IT Practices, ONIS Solutions can deliver a wide variety of IT services and technology automation solutions designed to meet unique customer needs.  While these services are typically matched and combined to form a comprehensive and targeted solution for a client, any individual service can be fully delivered as a standalone offering.


Our Cloud Migration and Management IT Practice helps leverage changes in digital technologies to take advantage of opportunities in strategic ways. Our skilled taskforce can help you optimize connected technologies to enhance cloud automation, lower risk, and reduce costs.


Digital Transformation at ONIS Solutions is supported by our Data Fabric Technology that allows data to be managed and curated at the speed of business. With our proven delivery methodologies, transformation design, and support, your business will thrive  through connected technologies, providing real-time IoT solutions and streaming analytics.


A crucial part of our IT Practice, is our experience in the consolidation and integration of OSS/BSS systems. Our team of highly skilled experts has deep knowledge and understanding of OSS/BSS systems and requirements. Let our experts create an IT strategy to solve your needs.


ONIS Solutions Federal Services provides top-tier talent to collaborate with agencies by providing IT expertise in our IT Practices portfolio. 


Our RPA consultants configure software to automatically complete processes in any number of different applications the same way a human would.  Moving data from one system to others with ONIS RPA consultants by your side is simple. We are experienced in providing robotic process automation consulting.


We live the cycle

We are there from the concept to completion. We live the cycle — from the spark of an idea to the launch of a solution. We drive your business forward by successfully delivering technology solutions and IT services that are validated against solid research and insight and focused on achieving business objectives. We find harmony by balancing the business, brand, and user goals. In order to deliver on this, we focus on three core elements: Strategy, Research, and Creativity. We have harnessed the expertise of our digital business consulting team and structured it into IT practices that are focused on these elements to become the best IT service delivery provider. 

Our experts are ready 24/7/365 

Incorporating rapid response times in the delivery of our IT practices allows our digital business consultants to always be keen in searching for upcoming IT trends that are relevant and profitable, and to incorporate them in our services and product offering portfolio. 

We work every day to build long-term relationships with our clients. We believe that the world of digital has no beginning or end. The landscape is always changing, and new opportunities present themselves every day. We want to be there with you all the way, taking that journey towards digital transformation, and pioneering with you.  We will always deliver. 

DiscoVer ODA,

oUR SMART technology platform

ONIS Digital Architect - (ODA) is an intelligent process automation and smart technology platform that enables a successful digital transformation. Our smart technology platform provides a wide range of benefits to your organization such as automation solutions, workflow optimization, cloud governance, real-time visibility, and much more. These software solutions are configurable so enterprises can invest in solution design instead of an endless development cycle. 

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