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Nearshore IT Outsourcing

Our Nearshore IT Outsourcing Delivery center offers deep expertise in software development and IT solutions.

Recognized as a leading IT Solutions and Technology Services firm, we operate international projects from our nearshore delivery center with the expertise of our outsourced teams strategically located worldwide.

Nearshoring Made Easy

Opting for ONIS’ nearshore software development approach increases your teams’ efficiency and performance by reducing their workload and letting them focus on other projects. At the same time, our nearshore outsourced teams can develop the best technology solution to fit  your company’s requirements.

Global Outsourcing Solutions​

As an IT outsourcing services company, ONIS' nearshore IT outsourcing provides on-demand top-tier talent based on project needs and time requirements.  Our Monterrey, Mexico office delivers many nearshore advantages to our clients with its strategic location to define and deliver world-class technology solutions at extremely cost effective rates.

Nearshore Advantages



Inspired by Mexico’s time zone alignment and geographical proximity to the U.S., ONIS Solution’s nearshore solution delivery center is located at the heart of San Pedro Garza Garcia’s business sector in Monterrey, only a couple of hours from the U.S. border.



With our strategically located nearshore outsourcing centers and teams in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and Israel, we deliver faster results overcoming workforce fluctuations and reducing time to market.



ONIS, as a nearshore outsourcing partner, offers its clients lower costs, minimum technical risk, faster results, and more significant ROI.


efficient communication

Our Monterrey delivery center offers onsite IT support and IT development with a similar time zone to the U.S. and Canada, allowing rapid planning and efficient communication that contributes to expedited time to market for our clients.


Culture Affinity to the U.S.

Monterrey’s workforce culture has a subtle affinity for U.S. culture. Besides being able to speak the same language, it presents a familiarity with consumer needs and a business culture, which helps our global experts better understand clients’ requirements and develop enterprise IT solutions to meet their expectations.


Less red tape

The geographical proximity to the U.S. allows a short travel distance between our clients and us. Our global expert teams, if requested, can be onsite ‘next day.’ As well, our outsourced teams can co-locate for portions of a project.



Our nearshore Solution Delivery approach is also keen on transportation, in which Monterrey’s International Airport connects directly with 49 destinations around the world, providing common geopolitical issues and attracting foreign investment​.


multilingual it taskforce

With our nearshore IT outsourcing services, language is not a barrier but a bridge. We pride ourselves in hosting a diverse multicultural and multilanguage taskforce with industry knowledge ready to bring innovation to our clients.



Mexico offers a similar IP law protection to the U.S., unmatched by many other nearshore outsourcing locations. Also, Mexico is a member of many multinational agreements, such as the Nice Agreement, the Lisbon Agreement, the Paris Convention, and WIPO.

Nearshoring in Mexico

With the largest number of IT graduates in Latin America, Mexico is an excellent option for hand-picked talent recruitment and nearshore IT outsourcing.

Your time is our time, quite literally. Most  Mexican territory is in the central time zone allowing constant communication with our clients during their work hours. This fluent communication reduces time to market launch, an advantage to our client that improves delivery timelines, and reduced cost.


Many large industries have opted to locate their operations in Mexico since it offers a less expensive yet highly experienced workforce with growing airports offering more short travel distances year after year.

Our Nearshore Software Development Center in MONTERREY

Strategically located at the heart of San Pedro Garza García, an important business center in Latin America, the ONIS Monterrey nearshore software development center hosts an open communication channel and collaboration among teams. Constant interactions and effective communication allow the acceleration of response times and decision-making, contributing to faster time to market deployments and cost reduction.

With a short travel distance to the U.S., Monterrey is an industrial and technology-based city that provides a plethora of world-class talent, both experienced and newly graduating each year from top recognized universities such as the ITESM, UANL, and UDEM. For such reason, the ONIS HR team is continuously recruiting new IT experts with business knowledge to innovate in software development solutions for the ever-changing market landscape.

Monterrey’s workforce has adopted English as its second language. Culturally, it has become a must-have skill among its citizens. A skill that seems to erase the communication barrier in an already beneficiated nearshoring option.


Several prominent international industries have chosen Monterrey to base their headquarter operations due to its tactical location and recognized hard-working professionals. Monterrey’s working culture is like the U.S., centered on innovation, creation, and entrepreneurship.

Within our nearshore delivery center in Monterrey, Mexico, our multilingual IT global experts deliver deep expertise in software development and other IT outsourcing solutions while continually receiving training in the latest technology trends in the market to enhance their industry knowledge.


Access to World-Class Talent

Comprised of strategists, business analysts, solution designers, information architects, program managers, developers, and relationship managers and industry experts, ONIS top-tier outsource teams work on a daily basis with Fortune 500 companies around the globe.


The competitive advantage of our Nearshore IT Outsourcing services is our ability to provide cost-effective staff augmentation and project-based work across a wide variety of technologies in an efficient and client-driven manner.

With our strategically located nearshore delivery center, we can assist you in delivering the desired results with high quality and experienced outsourced teams and resources at a fraction of the onshore cost.

Nearshore IT Outsourcing Done Right - The ONIS Way

Quality over quantity, a phrase our outsourced teams work by. Our Nearshore IT Outsourcing center will produce only the best  IT solutions that meet your needs and expectations. While offering faster time to market we are keen on delivering excellence-driven IT solutions that fully adapt to your business needs and processes.


At ONIS, we know that a great part of delivering the most innovative top-notch technology solutions is hosting an efficient communication channel with our clients to thorough understand their business processes, pain points, goals, and expectations.

ODA - Software Development Nearshore Solutions

Part of our global outsourcing solutions is our seamless technology with no code or low code configuration called ONIS Digital Architect – ODA.

The Digital Architect is an intelligent process automation technology platform that enables a successful digital transformation by delivering traditional services in a codeless or low-code environment.


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ONIS Expert IT Solutions Blog

As the industry continues to embrace digital transformation, ONIS nearshore team continues to stay ahead of the curve, discovering and testing the latest trends in Digital Transformation. Learn more about our deep industry knowledge regarding Outsourced IT solutions.

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