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ONIS Digital Architect (ODA) is a digital operations management platform that productizes traditional service delivery, radically transforming the relationship between service providers and their consumers.

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a single platform to transform digital Operations

ONIS Digital Architect (ODA) is a digital operations management platform that productizes traditional service delivery radically transforming the relationship between service providers and their consumers.

The platform modernizes how digital services are designed, on-boarded, consumed, monetized and governed with a configurable no-code / low-code microservices platform.

ODA reduces the cost and complexity of service delivery, digital transformation, service virtualization, cloud migration activities, and more by eliminating the recurring expenses associated with traditional service delivery and reducing time to value by productizing the digital service lifecycle.


More than ever, technology organizations are challenged to move at the speed of business emphasizing the need for digital transformation and modernization of traditional service delivery.


Rapid advancements in virtualization, microservices, and other cloud technologies provide companies the flexible infrastructure to innovate while maintaining enterprise agility but the road to transformation from legacy and terrestrial technologies to the cloud is complex.

These digital transformation initiatives are producing unforeseen costs and realizing fewer cost savings than they

ONIS Digital Architect enables in weeks, not months, Digital Transformation within organizations. The no code or low code smart platform provides businesses the opportunity to quickly and cost effectively modernize their IT Operations.


In addition, as an integration platform, ODA helps how enterprises and service providers optimize their processes and resources by creating automation solutions that use intelligent, cutting-edge technologies to offer real-time information over current management systems that ultimately, reduces time, costs and operations.



ONIS is a smart technology and consulting organization. We combine world-class services and domain expertise with a proprietary technology platform, ONIS Digital Architects (ODA), to transform IT operations. 

ODA reduces the cost and complexity of service delivery, service virtualization, cloud migration, and more by productizing digital services and exchanging recurring expenses for one-time expenses. With our unique approach, technology, and expertise, we can reduce the cost of FTE-driven IT service domains by 50-90% over the life of a client partnership. 


Exchange Rate is a unique ONIS offer that allows clients to create a custom portfolio of services and technology to best fit their needs. Clients may choose from an array of traditional project-based services or offset these recurring FTE expenses with low cost automated technology solutions. 



By leveraging the microservices and pre-integration with major cloud and software providers in ODA, ONIS is prepared to deliver out-of-the-box, scalable solutions to common IT and business governance problems.  These software solutions are configurable so enterprises can invest in solution design instead of an endless development cycle.

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Cloud Service Provisioning 

Integration with major cloud IaaS providers for full stack provisioning and utilization tracking.

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Open Service Broker (OSB) API that enables configurable integrations with ISVs without heavy reliance on coding.

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Product/sERVICE Catalogue

Adaptive self-service catalogue portal for managing delivery of software and cloud services. 

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Digital Portal Studio 

Micro-service utility that empowers users to create digital portal assets using metadata and low-code studio blocks.

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Dashboard and Reporting 

Customizable dashboards and reports that help decision makers identify optimizations in SaaS and Cloud utilization 

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Business Process Management 

Camunda powered BPM that enables custom process automation to reduce the labor burden on IT and operations management. 


Imagine a customizable platform technology that puts administrators in control of maintaining governance over SaaS, Cloud, and related procurement processes.  ODA was designed to revolutionize IT service delivery through productization. Reusable assets and one-time API integration work greatly reduces technical debt for organizations in the process of modernizing IT structure. Request a demo here!

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Use cases

OUr offering

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Saas Management & Compliance

With ONIS Digital Architect, organizations have real time visibility into SaaS utilization and expenses.  Leverage insightful dashboards to select SaaS that meets your needs, then use integrated business process management tools to optimize budgets and policies across multi-tiered organizational units.  Automate IT workflow and empower users to engage in self-service procurement of approved software while improving security and compliance.

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ONIS Digital Architect provides a better path forward to optimized multi and hybrid cloud environments.  Replace manual services for cloud provisioning with automated provisioning from a single portal pre-integrated with the major players in Cloud IaaS.  Enable on-demand availability and employee self-service for approved cloud services in a few clicks with real time cost & budget controls, chargebacks, invoicing, monitoring and full-service awareness.

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Digital Portal Studio

With our smart codeless solution, you can converge disparate portals into a single branded smart portal experience that leverage policies and data to self-render customer user-interfaces, employee and partner portals with automated fulfillment capabilities to reduce operational cost and complexity without IT performing manual webpage development



Discover how ODA enables productized solutions through its configureable software capabilities in the following use cases:

  • Cloud Budget & Cost Management for a major Government Agency: A major government agency in the United States wanted a governance and management framework to mange all their cloud costs.

  • Automotive Dealer Portal Supporting Connected Car IoT:  Automotive dealers sell IoT enabled devices that can be optionally purchased with a car or truck.

  • Marketplace Broker – Major Telecom Service Provider: A major Carrier in North America wanted to create a marketplace of mobile offers and services bundled with Cloud (SaaS) services from 3rd parties. 


ONIS has developed a smart platform that reduces the time to value of investments in digital transformation.  Leverage an out of the box solution to address common operational pain points and work with our team to tackle complex problems unique to your enterprise.

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