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IT Services

IT services and technology solutions, in today's world, cover a broad range of industries and occupations, making it a fundamental process of any business to achieve operational excellence. As it continues to rapidly evolve, IT now plays a key role in enterprises to accomplish their goals.


Today, IT leaders can grasp opportunities to both innovate and integrate new as well as existing technologies, unlocking the full potential of their organization’s technology capabilities. By utilizing new IT services along with the current systems, ONIS IT executives can successfully deploy smart technology that can manage expenses, increase productivity, and avoid risks. Through technology services, such as technical IT support services, operations management, systems integration, subject matter expertise, domain expertise, and systems administration, IT leaders can successfully deploy digital transformation within their organization.


Our wide-range of services include strategic staffing, expert IT solution requirements, design, development and deployment, systems integration along with information technology managed services, IT support services as well as maintenance. We serve to guide companies in their journey of adopting modern technologies and process automation in their efforts to transform their operations digitally with a focus on the power of Data Management, and therefore attaining operational excellence.

We focus on delivering the best IT services for our clients around the world, leveraging our Onshore-Near Shore delivery model. Our teams are synergies of multilingual technology experts offering a single point of contact with our clients. We are strategically located with multilingual teams and delivery centers in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, and staff in Brazil and Israel. Thus, allowing an open channel of communication 24/7/365 with our clients whenever they need it.


Our System Integration services leverage in design and architecture best practices to deliver the best IT services. Our System Integration offers scalable, high-performing and secure IT Solutions.

Our objective is to work with you to leverage your current expertise and assets, supplementing them with our experience, knowledge, and skills. Our goal is to enable you to deliver an IT solution that meets your business needs, is cost-effective, and will increase the efficiency of your organization.

ONIS System Integration offer Product API/Web Services Development, Digital Transformation, Quality Assurance, and Testing, and Deployment and Maintenance. 


Our Senior Executives have a deep understanding and experience in the latest technologies and methodologies to deliver world-class IT services and technology solutions. We can provide technology management consulting, BPM, and change management expertise with 24/7/365 availability in 24 hours for complete relocation of resources onsite.  

​What makes ONIS Strategic Consulting different is our deep understanding of service-oriented architecture or SOA at all levels, across all domains. This understanding allows ONIS experts to accurately assess how far along an organization is on its SOA journey, determine what the next steps are, and help implement those steps. ONIS is prepared to provide proven IT solutions through our methodologies which cover from assessment, to analysis, and, finally the delivery of an IT solution that will enclose every aspect of the organization that needs to be addressed.

​Among our most used technologies, you can find Full Oracle Slack, ASA, AIA, Oracle Siebel, Big Machines, OSM, BRM,, Ericsson Stack, EOC/ECM, Charging and Rating.


Our experience in IT Managed Services and IT Support Solutionshas proven time and time again that we have deep service experience and modern technology to handle the most complex IT needs. We work hand in hand with our team of high-quality experts, we will assist you in the delivery of the IT services and technology management consulting you are seeking. 

IT Managed Services and IT Support Solutions has been a core competency at ONIS for years. It is the cornerstone of our integrated infrastructure management framework, which guides everything we do.

We can provide proven technology solution delivery methodologies; information technology managed services, training, operational and system administration, production and IT support services 24/7/365.



Our experienced senior executive staff and cutting-edge technology allow us to deliver continuous enhancements to address the constant change in the digital world we live in. Constant change requires constant learning, and that is something that ONIS is committed to, as well as maintaining each of our IT services and technology solutions to bring you the best IT strategies, designed to exceed client expectations and reach operational excellence.


We thrive on facing challenges by applying our technical IT expertise, business knowledge, and reusable assets. Our highly-skilled, tactical teams will always deliver the best IT services and solutions.

At ONIS Solutions, we pride ourselves in offering only the best customer service in IT services delivery. Our highly experienced, multilingual teams are ready to meet your needs. We always deliver. We guarantee results.


Imagine a platform that modernizes how digital services are designed, on-boarded, consumed, monetized, and governed with a configurable no-code / low-code micro-services. ONIS Digital Architect (ODA) is a digital operations management platform that productizes traditional IT service delivery radically transforming the relationship between service providers and their consumers.

ODA reduces the cost and complexity of service delivery, digital transformation, service virtualization, cloud migration activities, and more by eliminating the recurring expenses associated with traditional IT service delivery and reducing time to value by productizing the digital service lifecycle.


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