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IT Consulting Expertise

Our Strategic IT Consulting Expertise is supported by years of experience. We are domain experts in delivering business-driven technology solutions and IT consulting services that help our customers operate more efficiently and accelerate innovation at scale.

Our Technology Expertise

ONIS domain experts have in-depth industry knowledge to elaborate a customized digital strategy roadmap with proven methods for your business to accelerate innovation and digital transformation. We reinvent technology with our state-of-the-art strategic IT consulting expertise to transform core operations and deliver guaranteed, measurable results.

Our strategic IT consulting expertise helps businesses automate and re-engineer operations, optimize IT capabilities and implement the latest business-driven technologies in the market. We are domain experts working with ASAP, OSM, M6, BRM, EMA, EMM, CHS, BSCS, Matrixx, and Hansen.

Our IT Consulting Services

World-leading corporations and Fortune 500 companies have taken advantage of our strategic IT consulting expertise to obtain actionable insight, enhance their digital transformation strategies and boost business growth. Through our value creation, we help solve:

Complex Business & IT Transformations

Strategic IT consulting of organizations complete or desired IT systems to reassess, revamp, and optimize current processes. Our experts can re-engineer IT architecture, hardware, software, IT service management, and assess how data is stored and accessed to make it available in real-time.

Complex Data Migrations

Data migration is one of the most complex issues we like to tackle. ONIS Cloud experts will not only help you successfully migrate your data but will help you choose the right cloud and vendor that meets all your requirements to achieve success.

Expense Management

One of our IT capabilities is the value creation towards expense management solutions.  We can help you keep track of your companies and employee expenses, process payments, and audits to furthermore your business growth!

Non-profit IT Asset Management

For Non-profit organizations keeping track of their assets can be a pain point as they do not have enough time or resources to train their employees to use specific software. Here is where our proven methods can become handy. With ONIS, Non-profit organizations can easily control, manage, and monitor their assets in real-time.

Membership Database

The care and maintenance of any membership database is mission-critical, as it is vital for core operations and keeping track of every customer or employee. ONIS IT consultants can help you create, care for, and maintain your membership database.

Billing System & CRM Implementations

We offer business-driven technology, including Billing Systems and CRM implementations, so your employees can focus on what is essential: quality customer service that builds customer loyalty, keeps billing and payments on track, and can give information in real-time whenever it's needed. Our proven CRM methodology will help achieve higher sales, more leads, and increased customer satisfaction.

Rapid System Integration Testing

Let our domain experts test your IT systems to analyze their processes and identify areas of opportunity and pain points. We can help you develop a digital strategy roadmap to optimize your systems.

Micro Services

Among our IT capabilities, we offer Micro Services. An IT environment that structures any business-driven technology application as a collection of services at scale. Our microservices are highly maintainable, testable, independent, and organized around your business resources, ready to deliver measurable results.


IT Department

IT business processes outsource at scale. You got the hardware; we have the IT capabilities to assist your company. From Helpdesk to Centralized Service, we can help you with your business growth and value creation.

Our Industry Knowledge

We are domain experts ready to deliver IT solutions at scale. We offer actionable insights that will shape the future of your core operations. Our digital consultants have strategic IT consulting expertise in the following industries:


Telecommunications and Cable & Media




Financial Services

& Banking


Healthcare &

Life Sciences










Our IT Consulting Services

At ONIS, we re-engineer IT solutions to accelerate innovation to deliver the best in breed strategic IT consulting expertise, technology and, high-quality results to our clients. We work together to establish the right IT development roadmap to meet your requirements, goals and exceed your expectations. Our domain experts will guide you from ideation to creation and finally to delivery. We will be with you through your project’s entire lifecycle to ensure measurable results and a greater return on your investment. Together we will shape the future of your IT architecture.


Actionable Insights

Every IT architecture is unique to its core operations processes, the 'company's requirements, and overall, the platform from which is it is constructed and where it harnesses its data. For that sole reason, our domain experts need to have a vast experience of industry knowledge and skills operating different platforms. With our strategic IT consulting expertise and proven methods, we can help you create the perfect digital strategy roadmap that will help you meet your goals!


Our Nearshore Delivery Center

From our Nearshore Delivery Center, we operate international projects where we deliver simple solutions for complex issues with proven methodology guaranteed to have outstanding results at a fraction of the cost of offshore IT outsourcing. The time zone alignment with our clients opens an effective communication channel that helps reinvent technology, expedite delivery, and solving complex issues. Learn more about our Nearshore advantages here.

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