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Digital Transformation

Our Digital Transformation Solutions accelerators focus on moving our clients into the digital world quickly and allowing them to scale and drive new initiatives.

The Road to Digital Transformation Solutions

The new digital era has reshaped every industry in countless ways year after year, making companies rethink their strategy to keep up or get ahead of their competition. The road to digital transformation is risky and complicated but can be done right with the proper digital business consultants and data integration strategy.


At ONIS, making the switch to Digital Transformation Solutions is not only about migrating your business to the digital world. It is an optimized and efficient business automation solution aimed to reduce costs, increase business speed, and protect one of your most valuable assets.

Our tech-savvy IT experts have your back

Our Business Transformation Management Team will outline the roadmap that will transform and revolutionize how you do business to achieve smart process automation. Let our experts guide you through the best digital transformation solution for your business needs.


Find new sources of value by implementing a new digital transformation infrastructure that removes the digital switch’s complexity factor and implements the best data integration strategy that will successfully meet your needs and pave the way for the future of digital transformation. We configure to order business automation solutions.

Transforming at the speed of you

Digital Transformation at ONIS is supported by our Data Fabric technology that allows data to be managed and curated as requested by the business. Our IT architecture experts can guide you through these significant digital transformations.


Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence

Our digital business consultants remove the complexity factor by accompanying clients through the complete solution lifecycle to guarantee only the best results. With a custom-made IT strategy, we can design cloud data integration processes supported by a real-time data analytics architecture to accelerate the adoption of new digital technologies.

ONIS Digital Transformation Solutions use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities as part of our unique digital transformation infrastructure, such as our Enterprise Search to quickly catalog knowledge, that allows us to support your business processes by managing risks and reducing costs.


Benefit from the industry advantages that AI has to offer to innovate in your business processes and get ahead of your competition.


Support your future business model with ONIS Digital Transformation Solutions

Every piece of data is a valued possession. With ONIS, achieve full data completeness in a real-time data analytics architecture. Our enterprise data warehouse can host and search for:

  • Image Identification

  • Video Search

  • Large Scale Data Storage

Real-time IoT Solutions and streaming analytics

We are IoT solutions providers. We offer an array of IoT data streaming services and predictive models ready to configure to order for you:

  • Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Search

  • Next-Generation Operating Platform (NGOP​)

  • Data Fabric


The future of Digital Transformation Solutions is here

The future of Digital Transformation rests within business automation solutions. Our objective is to put together the Next Generation Operating Platform (NGOP),  smart process automation that allows customers to bring their data onboard, release new applications, and  quickly transition legacy applications.









Digital Architect

ONIS Data Fabric




NGOP’S real-time data processing is a game-changer. It is a disparate application that allows a real-time data analytics architecture that will not only innovate data migration processes but will revolutionize your digital governance. Our platform certifies full data completeness, ready to be accessed when needed.


Our tech-savvy digital business consultants are eager to show you how to create and adopt a digital transformation infrastructure according to your business’ needs and an IT strategy to deliver on the organization’s goals.

5G and IoT Strategy Consulting

Increase core performance by implementing an IT architecture supported by 5G and IoT; two digital transformation accelerators needed for digital governance.


Take advantage of the benefits of IoT with an IT strategy that will combine the broad bandwidth of 5G and IoT data streaming to support faster connectivity and latency that will also remove speed as an issue with mobile technology. Latency gains will mean VR/AR enablement, which will allow new business opportunities.


Let ONIS offer an IoT consulting strategy that will facilitate a successful cloud data integration and remove the complexity factor from Digital Transformation Solutions. A smart process automation solution ready to be configured to your companies needs.


When it comes to IoT data streaming, we will ensure that all your data assets are connected and uploaded to the Data Fabric, ready to undergo real-time data processing for data completeness. Only then will you visualize your investments in real-time and be prepared for accurate decision making.


Our IoT solutions providers are here to help 365/24/7; we are ready for you. Partner with ONIS to acquire the best IT solutions and IoT strategy consulting to help you reach your organization’s goals and transform the way you do business.


case study:

Consolidation of multiple enterprise data sources and disparate applications for the world’s fifth-largest retailer. 


Digital Transformation Solutions Opportunities at ONIS

Become a digital business consultant at ONIS and learn about IT architecture, digital governance, data integration strategies, and much more! Contact our HR and Recruitment Team today at

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