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IT Managed Services

and IT Support Solutions

ONIS IT Managed Services and IT Support Solutions deliver proven technology solutions, delivery methodologies, information technology managed services, training, operational and system administration, production, and managed IT support services 24/7/365.

The Best Outsourced IT Managed Solutions

ONIS IT Managed Services and IT Support Solutions operations, and consultants can help identify the gaps in your processes by assessing your business operations, identifying opportunities, and developing an operational transformation roadmap to drive efficiencies in your business.

Our Key Differentiators

Our experience in IT Managed Solutions include accessible IT operations management and helpdesk support that will help your business troubleshoot and resolve issues. Our key differentiators include:

  • Best in class delivery center in Monterrey, Mexico

  • On-site ‘next day’ if requested and 24/7/365 remote IT services

  • Bilingual helpdesk support

  • Time zone alignment with the U.S. due to Nearshore / Onshore Delivery Center

  • Access to senior executive expertise and professional resources

  • Superior level of customer service

  • Personalized IT services and solutions

  • Replacement of variable costs with predictable fees

  • Tailored IT managed solutions and reporting

Our IT Managed Services and IT Support Solutions Offering

ONIS IT Managed Services and IT Support Solutions are cost-effective, 24/7 on-site, and remote IT services to solve and assist in technology issues. Our elite team of experts are ready to provide the best IT support solutions in a single point of contact for everything your company requires in technical assistance. Our offerings include:

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We utilize a helpdesk support ticket system that allows clients helpdesk agents to easily track service requests and status updates.

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We prioritize support requests to ensure urgent needs are handled without delay.

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We can audit your IT systems and provide guidance on how to most effectively enhance them with digital tools specific to your goals and budget.

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Clients are assigned a team account manager to provide custom-tailored services and avoid delays.

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We will research and recommend systems, digital tools, services, and hardware that meet our clients’ needs, so that requisition of new assets is easier and less time-consuming.

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We utilize a secure website to establish remote connections into client systems to make accessing remote IT services support simple.

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Helpdesk support agents offer informal training by sharing the troubleshooting process with operators and users.

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Our top-tier developers can create customized IT support solutions for your business or project needs in Salesforce, data management, and more.  

Our experience in IT Managed Services, and IT Support Solutions consists of the following:

IT Strategy Consulting Expertise

The technology industry nowadays is best known for its fast-paced evolution of new technologies and processes, making it hard and costly for companies to keep up and stay ahead of their competition.  At ONIS, we understand that IT strategy roadmaps and models need to change from business to business - there is no one-size-fits-all IT support solution.

Our IT Managed Services and IT Support Solutions help improve your business's digital operations to achieve cost-effective and efficient operations. Achieve successful operational transformation with Onis’s IT Strategy Consulting services. We can help with:

  • Expert network engineers with vast experience and connections to the Telecom Industry.

  • Hardware consulting with up-to-date knowledge on continually advancing technology. Access to wholesale pricing without markup.

  • Cloud-based, unobtrusive virus protection and training resources to protect staff.

  • Monitored network security with web-filtering and firewall protection.

  • Resiliency planning with cloud backup for critical data.

  • IT fiduciary commitment.


IT Helpdesk Support Services

Our IT helpdesk support services are designed to provide you with thorough technical assistance when you need it the most. Our IT operations specialists are ready to deliver bilingual IT operations support and technology expertise for your business.

Our experience in IT Managed Services include accessible IT and helpdesk support that will help your business troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, and provide the following:

  • 24/7/365 network monitoring of all your IT infrastructure

  • Service desk to answer your questions

  • 24/7/365 response for server/network infrastructure emergencies

  • Technical assistance -using remote connect tools

  • Technical assistance -on-site if requested

  • Help with hardware and software

  • Problem tracking, robust usage reporting, and root cause analysis

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services link the IT talent demand-supply chain with a state of the art, world-class recruiting team focused on delivering only the best IT industry experts in the marketplace. We provide staff augmentation, team services, and direct resource hiring to help our clients rapidly meet their business needs. Our teams are profoundly skilled and qualified and include IT developers, business analysts, QA engineers, and Project Managers with extensive experience and knowledge in their fields of expertise.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services offer a wide variety of advantages including:

  • Eliminate all overhead and infrastructure costs. Pay only for what your business requires.

  • We offer dedicated IT support specialists for your needs who can start working the next day if requested.

  • Skip onboarding. Our experienced senior developers can begin working upon arrival.

  • Scale at the speed of you! Request as many IT operation consultants as you need.

  • Our unique IT staff augmentation services upgrade your range of skills.


BPO Service Solutions

BPO projects -Business Process Outsourcing- are complex. Hence, you need to pay close attention to whom you decide to partner with to provide your company with BPO Service Solutions. At ONIS, we will assess your processes to identify opportunities, pain points, and the right IT Support solution that will improve your business but enhance and optimize the way you work.

Our IT operations specialists will help you redefine your end-game digital strategy roadmap to design your next IT operating model, prepare the digital tools you’ll need, and ensure the best IT staff augmentation needed to ignite your BPO project.  ONIS remote IT services will be available 24/7 for your company, ready to assist if need be while executing the transition and transformation of your BPO project. We will ensure  that your operations will keep running efficiently once they have set sail.

Customizable IT Managed Services and IT Support Solutions

Pick and choose which information technology managed services you need to create your own tailored managed service package.

Network Support

Break & Fix

Information Systems

  • Consult/Design network overhauls

  • Program and maintain hardware

  • Customize network as new needs arise

  • Install and maintain IDF equipment

  • On-call support for any technical issues

  • Help Desk Support

  • Warehouse repair and data recovery

  • Hardware lifecycle management

  • New equipment ordering and imaging

  • Domain management

  • IP Phones

  • Email

  • Cloud-hosted data backup

  • Centralized security

Experienced IT Operations Specialists

Our helpdesk support agents have the time, knowledge and complete experience to assist our client with any technical issues that may unexpectedly arise. We are committed to continuing training in the latest knowledge and industry-leading digital tools to keep innovating and delivering the best IT support solutions available on the market to resolve issues swiftly and precisely.

IT Managed Services where and when you need them

Our outsourced IT Managed Services and IT support solutions grant 24/7/365 access to a certified IT operations specialists' team to our clients. From resource identification to troubleshooting, our operations consultants are ready to help.

We want you!

Join our helpdesk support agents' team! Become an IT Operations Consultant and learn from the best right here at Onis! Please send your resume to our HR and Recruitment team at


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