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Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management

With ONIS Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management, feel the power of on-demand infrastructure availability, automated service onboarding and requests, and employee self-service portals using point and click menus.

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Cloud IT Solutions

These days, companies are leveraging the benefits and advantages of the transition to the cloud. These include having real time access to data and assets, budget control, improved security, and most importantly of all, the ability to work remotely while maintaining compliance with high standards in security.

Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management also brings many challenges that make it difficult to realize the return on investment in a cloud transition. Most cloud-based solutions are focused on one or a few public cloud service providers, while the reality is that enterprises rely on a hybrid of public and private cloud architecture to meet their needs. In addition to that, many cloud management solutions have a deep relationship with a single provider, and this can lock enterprise IT into an inflexible and expensive service delivery process. When it comes to private and public cloud, working with more than one provider is necessary to take full advantage of a cloud transition.

Cloud Implementations right for you

ONIS cloud migration consultants understand that an integration to different platforms can be challenging as it is not only about the transition to the cloud, but also about delivering a smarter cloud implementation.

Working with multiple cloud environments should be hassle free with integration to your existing identity provider that enforces roles based access control on all of your cloud accounts in a single agnostic platform. A transition to the cloud should replace manual services with automated provisioning and a self-service app catalogue that helps administer budget control across departments.

ONIS Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management is a cloud optimization solution designed to reinvent the way you do business. It aggregates and automates IT services to maximize efficiency, return on investment, and productivity, a with a focus on compliance and total business workflow visibility.

Cloud Migration Benefits

To deliver Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management cloud-based solutions, it is important to maintain reliability, performance, and security across all existent and new cloud sourcing. As the cloud implementation is deployed our cloud migration consultants work to:

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  • Provide full visibility and accessibility of all data and cloud assets across multiple accounts and cloud suppliers in a single pane of glass.

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  • Discover new cloud services via integration and automate provisioning.

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  • Associate assets across cloud environments with their cost centers to give visibility of who is using which asset and how they are utilizing it to control costs and create efficiency.

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  • ONIS cloud technology professionals are here to share their expertise with your staff to plan, execute, and support an effective cloud migration strategy.

  • Simplify cloud implementations by leveraging your existing identity manager.

Private or Public Cloud?

When it comes to Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management, there is no one size fits all approach. Your platform migration strategy be tailored to fit your requirements, needs, and processes instead of forcing you to adjust your goals to conform to a generic solution dictated by a service provider. Hybrid cloud IT solutions help avoid vendor lock-in.

A cloud agnostic platform is key to enabling a robust, resilient cloud migration strategy. Futureproofing and resiliency planning are possible with a platform that enables rapid integration of new clouds services and the ability to leverage the advantages of each one.

ONIS cloud technology professionals are ready to assist in optimizing the platform migration strategy for your enterprise and deliver a rapid integration of your legacy cloud sourcing with the new one. Our Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management solution is agile and powerful enough to handle the job.

Enable on-demand availability of your cloud resources

ONIS Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management enables organizations to manage their entire cloud resource portfolio from a single pane of glass. By partnering with worldwide cloud migration consultants and providers, our cloud-based solutions offer complete control and visibility over all cloud resources, ensuring governance across numerous accounts and suppliers.

Cloud Based Solutions in a Few Clicks

With ONIS Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management suite you can enable an automated provisioning via a self-service app catalog that allows you to manage multiple cloud environments and measure real time costs.

Automated service onboarding with on-demand availability of digital tools save time and reduce red tape by letting employees access entitlements from the employee self-service app!

ONIS employee self-service app is a low code cloud optimization solution that empowers the business to govern automated provisioning of cloud resources while reducing the burden on IT. Compliance tools like real time costs tracking and resource utilization monitoring helps to avoid redundancies and keep your budget in check.

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ONIS Digital Architect provides a better path forward to optimized multi and hybrid cloud environments.  Replace manual processes for cloud provisioning with automated provisioning from a single portal pre-integrated with the major players in Cloud SaaS.  Enable on-demand availability and employee self-service for approved cloud IT solutions in a few clicks with real time cost, budget controls, chargebacks, invoicing, monitoring and full-service awareness.

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