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A codeless platform that provides real-time visibility of SaaS assets, licenses, costs, budgets, policies, and much more!  Smart technology to empower!

optimization that empowers

ONIS Solutions has developed a software suite to allow acceleration of transformations and IT Infrastructure Management and Cost Containment. The ONIS Digital Architect helps how enterprises and service providers optimize their processes and resources by creating technology solutions that use smart, cutting-edge technologies to offer real-time information over current management systems that ultimately, reduces time, costs, and operations.

SaaS management & compliance

Real-time visibility and control of SaaS vendors, subscriptions, budgets, people and teams that use them making it simple to optimize expenses, and ensure compliance.



Enable on-demand availability  & employee self-service for approved cloud services in a few clicks with real-time cost & budget controls, chargebacks, invoicing, monitoring, and full-service awareness.

CLOUD Governance @SCale

Manage all your AWS & Azure accounts with real-time visibility and knowledge of costs, budgets, usage, inventories & policies with real-time knowledge and awareness regardless of scale.


B2B Portal Transformation

Converge disparate portals into a single branded smart portal experience that leverage policies and data to self-render customer user-interfaces, employee and partner portals with automated fulfillment capabilities to reduce operational cost and complexity without IT performing manual webpage development.



on-boarding / off-boarding 

Use more products, expand the use of services and automate on-boarding, billing, administration & management across the entire partner lifecycle to maximize value &  reduce IT and DevOps overhead costs while ensuring compliance with real-time dashboards or on-demand reports.



Tailored artificial intelligent search on an enterprise basis. It is easy to use enterprise-level solution that makes it simple to locate digital assets to ensure compliance of important corporate policies, security & controls that live in data centers and the cloud.


data fabric

We use the latest artificial intelligence along with micro-services to quickly connect enterprise data sources into a single highly visible & always available fabric establishing a single system of record for large scale data transformation.



data sync

Our flexible product uses business rules to synchronize millions of records across disparate billing systems enabling end 2 end automation @ Scale while improving time to revenue by days or weeks without the need to incur managed services expense or complex software development.


ONIS has developed a software suite to allow for the acceleration of Transformations and IT Infrastructure Management and Cost Containment.


Provide real-time visibility of SaaS assets, costs, budgets!

Cloud Budget & Cost Management for a major Government Agency

A major government agency in the United States wanted a governance and management framework to manage all their cloud costs. As per governmental regulations an agency...


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ONIS Digital Architect


Have a platform supporting IoT commercialization in hours!

Automotive Dealer Portal Supporting Connected Car IoT

Automotive dealers sell IoT enabled devices that can be optionally purchased with a vehicle. The dealers work with the major phone companies, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile...


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ONIS Digital Architect


Enable rapid on-boarding of SaaS vendors!

Marketplace Broker – Major Telecom Service Provider

A major Carrier in North America wanted to create a marketplace of mobile offers and services bundled with Cloud (SaaS) services from 3rd parties. The marketplace would...


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ONIS Digital Architect

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