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Real Time comes around

When Realtime data needs finally make sense and what to do about it.

One thing we have noticed lately is the need for real time data analysis. This is something a few years ago you would wonder why it was needed. There was not any overt business value but Digital Transformation really changed all that. While everyone has lots of data and analytics how do you really synchronize that with real time? Everything is really out of synch if you think about it because there are lots of ways to get data into the data warehouse, and you know what it is then too late. If you are doing any sort of omni channel marketing you need to know things right away. For example if someone is online (web browser) and they look at something then they head out to your store to pick something up. In that little moment multiple systems got touched, online portals, your customer login shows the buying history and then transactional data as well as geo location data for where the stores are and where they are headed. There is not a production window of time for you to know all this that you can respond unless there is the right architecture and you have analytics right on the edge. As Kafka and EventHubs grow in popularity so so the right AI models that can do the heavy lifting without the need for supervision. Complex as this is that is where we are headed and the architectures are neither simple or small. This is a complex area of analytics that is known to a few and it is the new frontier for analytics. Expect to see more on this here and especially if you want to see how these things are architected at scale. If you have questions post them and happy to let you in on how its done.

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