System integrations

Our System Integration services leverage in design and architecture best practices to deliver the best IT services. Our System Integration offers scalable, high-performing and secure IT Solutions.

Our objective is to work with you to leverage your current expertise and assets, supplementing them with our experience, knowledge, and skills. Our goal is to enable you to deliver an IT solution that meets your business needs, is cost-effective, and will increase the efficiency of your organization.


Our Senior Executives have a deep understanding and experience in the latest technologies and methodologies to deliver world-class IT services and technology solutions. Our Onshore / Nearshore Model allows time zone alignment and cost savings.


We can provide technology management consulting, BPM, and change management expertise with 24/7/365 availability in 24 hours for complete relocation of resources onsite. 


ONIS Solutions’ Domain Expertise can best help companies to manage product catalogs, expenses, databases, and more. We deliver cutting-edge IT services and technology management consulting services. We pride ourselves on working with the best technologies.

What makes ONIS different is our deep understanding of service-oriented architecture or SOA at all levels, across all domains. This understanding allows ONIS experts to accurately assess how far along an organization is on its SOA journey, determine what the next steps are, and help implement those steps. ONIS is prepared to provide proven IT solutions through our methodologies. Our methodologies cover from assessment, to analysis, and, finally the delivery of an IT solution that will enclose every aspect of the organization that needs to be addressed.

Among our most used technologies, you can find Full Oracle Slack, ASA, AIA, Oracle Siebel, Big Machines, OSM, BRM,, Ericsson Stack, EOC/ECM, Charging and Rating.


Our experience in Operations Management has proven time and time again that we have deep service experience and modern technology to handle the most complex IT needs. We work hand in hand with our team of high-quality experts, we will assist you in the delivery of the IT services and technology management consulting you are seeking. 

Operation management has been a core competency at ONIS for years. It is the cornerstone of our integrated infrastructure management framework, which guides everything we do.

We can provide proven technology solution delivery methodologies; information technology managed services, training, operational and system administration, production and IT support services 24/7/365.


We thrive on facing challenges by applying our technology services and IT solutions which combined, enable the delivery of successful outcomes to our global client base. These include: 

  • System Integration: We have a very Deep History of Delivering Successful System Integrations with the broadest and most used business applications.

  • Subject Matter Expertise: Our Executive Team is comprised of highly experienced technology experts who were formerly Executives within our Client Base.

  • Domain Expertise: We offer Expert Solution Engineering and Analysis in a broad array of markets.

  • Operations Support and Management: We cover the Entire Solution Lifecycle from Concept to Support and Managed Services.


We have a 24/7/365 multilingual team of experts in IT solutions and technology services. 


With ONIS Digital Architect – (ODA), organizations can take advantage of a technology platform designed to modernize the IT ecosystem. ODA is an intelligent process automation technology platform that enables a successful digital transformation by delivering traditional services in a codeless or low-code enviroment. Some of the key functions addressed by ODA are:

  • SaaS Management and Compliance: Real-time visibility and control of SaaS vendors, subscriptions, budgets, people, and teams that use them making it simple to optimize expenses and ensure compliance.

  • Smart Portal Accelerator: Converge disparate portals into a single branded smart portal experience that leverages policies and data to self-render customer user-interfaces, employee and partner portals with automated fulfillment capabilities to reduce operational cost and complexity without IT performing manual webpage development.

  • Multi-Cloud Management: Enable on-demand availability and employee self-service for approved cloud services in a few clicks with real-time cost and budget controls, chargebacks, invoicing, moniyoting, and full-service awareness.

  • Intelligent On-boarding and Off-boarding: Use more products, expand the use of services and automate on-boarding, billing, administration and management across the entire partner lifecycle to maximize value and reduce IT and DevOps overhead costs while ensuring compliance with real-time dashboards or on-demand reports.