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Robotic Process Automation Solutions

Robotic Process Automation Solutions from ONIS uses software with built-in AI and ML abilities to manage high volume. These repetitive work tasks require extensive manual intervention to improve operational efficiency and cost savings.

Defining Robotic Process Automation Solutions

ONIS Robotic Process Automation, otherwise known as RPA, is a configurable software tool that helps rules-based businesses eliminate tedious tasks by automating repetitive but straightforward work tasks. RPA emulates human actions, yet it removes the possibility of human error, positively improving data accuracy.

At ONIS, RPA is easy to implement and requires no deep suite system integration. It is commonly used as a low-cost data entry automation solution. It can interpret, trigger responses, and communicate with other applications to execute a wide array of work tasks at a fraction of time and costs.

Today, ONIS is increasingly implementing RPA solutions to help our customers face challenges in a cost savings manner and by eliminating the risk of interfering with central IT systems. RPA will unlock the leverage on your current ERP strategy’s value to achieve operational excellence and value creation.

Your IT Automation Solutions Provider

As your IT automation solutions provider, ONIS RPA consultants can achieve through our automation integration solutions, significantly raise time reduction rates, automate work tasks, reduce human error and, as a result, improve operational efficiency.

Our RPA solutions can make your core business processes more efficient. We can enhance operational efficiency by not only automating repetitive tasks but also end-to-end business processes; by merging robotic process automation solutions with ML and cognitive RPA to create smart operations. Our RPA consultants offer solutions that generate significant ROI. Our results are smooth-running enterprise operations—and improved performance efficiency.

Our RPA tools allow organizations to automate repetitive tasks at a fraction of the cost and time. Also, it is non-invasive and supports enterprise operations without disrupting the existing core business processes and infrastructure, which would imply high costs and time to restore.

How do Robotic Process Automation Solutions work?

RPA applications can simulate thousands of rules-based repetitive tasks and human user actions while reducing human error and increasing performance efficiency. They can easily log into digital systems, move files and folders, reproduce information, fill out data forms, pull out structured and semi-structured data from files, documents, browsers, and much more.

RPA Application Vendors we work with

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The benefits of RPA

As mentioned before, ONIS RPA applications can mimic almost every human action including cognitive activities when performing core business processes.  Thus, this single ability brings forward a wide array of benefits when it comes to an automation integration:

  • Improved Cost Savings: RPA can decrease operation costs by up to 80%.

  • Better Compliance: Once programmed, RPA applications and robots perform their work tasks consistently, reducing human error. Users have full control of their operations.

  • Higher Quality Services: RPA tools and robots are instructed to follow rules. They will always be compliant and reliable.

  • Increased Performance Efficiency and Time Reduction:  Enabling RPA applications to manage business core processes will transform your organization’s workflow, allow superior flexibility, and deliver direct profitability

  • Comprehensive Data: Configurable software RPA applications and robots are easy to integrate into any system. They always report on their progress, so you can easily monitor and make strategic decisions.

  • Employee Experience: Employees are the first to reap the benefits of RPA solutions’ services. It immediately eliminates tedious, repetitive tasks with no value and saves them time in performing them.

  • Scalable: Across business verticals, units, and locations, RPA applications perform a vast quantity of business processes simultaneously from desktop to cloud environments. Additional RPA tools can be implemented rapidly with a minimum investment.

RPA as a Service

Any rules-based repetitive tasks or processes can qualify for automation solutions at any given scale. RPA can be considered a digital workforce that improves operational efficiency, data accuracy, reduces human error, and is time and cost effective. ONIS, as an automation solutions provider, offers RPA as a service that can help with enterprise operations and work tasks, such as:

  • Moving data from one target system to another.

  • Validation of data completeness and consistency in your source and target systems

  • Updating and deleting data for GDPR and CCPA in multiple systems

  • Curating data across multiple sources

  • Call Center Data Management

What can ONIS Robotic Process Automation Solutions do for you

With ONIS RPA tools, cost savings, automation integration, and system compliance are no longer an operating cost but a result of an automation solution. Here are some of the areas we have utilized RPA tools to generate value creation:

  • Automated formatting

  • Accounting reconciliations

  • Data entry and validation

  • Document and data manipulation

  • Exchange rate entering and processing

  • Message creation in numerous formats

  • Direct Manipulation User Interface

  • Web Data Extraction

  • Data upload and export

  • Text Data Mining

  • Data Download and import

  • Workflow process automation and acceleration

Cognitive Automation Solutions Enterprises

Enterprise operations can elevate automation solutions by combining ONIS RPA solutions with ML and cognitive technologies such as speech recognition, natural language processing, automating high-order tasks- to create and perform intelligent operations, otherwise known as Cognitive RPA. It is a highly advanced form of RPA application that can automate semi-complex interpretations, such as learning, reasoning, and self-correction if needed. These cognitive activities can help perform several tasks such as discovering mismatches, chat boxes, data mining, decision making, and so much more.

There is a highly advanced form of RPA that performs under cognitive activities, Cognitive RPA.  It can automate processes where semi-complex interpretations, such as learning, reasoning, and self-correction, are needed.


Leveraged in Artificial Intelligence, these cognitive activities can help perform several tasks such as discovering mismatches, chat boxes, data mining, decision making, and much more.

Are Robotic Process Automation Solutions Right for you?

Big companies use Robotic Process Automation Solutions within their enterprise operations to enhance growth within the scaling industry and improve operational efficiency. At ONIS, using RPA tools, a company can have configurable software, or a “robot,” to record and translate system applications for processing a transaction, manipulating information, prompting responses, and interacting with other digital systems.

Process Automation Solution scenarios range from simple work tasks such as triggering an automatic response to an email to deploying thousands of bots in a single operation, each programmed with data gathering tools to perform rules-based work in an ERP integration system. These automated activities offer corporations the ability to eliminate human labor, increased time reduction, and reduced costs.


case study: Automation Solutions

Order Automation for one of the World’s largest Telecom, Cable and Media Conglomerates.


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