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Our System Integration Services provide increased efficiency, reduced costs, and optimize CapEx while meeting your business goals.

System Integration Services in the Digital World Today

In a world where businesses have become more reliant on IT to deliver their services and products, companies must top their digital IT strategy and legacy tools to provide seamless technology services that extend from their core systems to modern-facing apps.  Corporations are now bound to provide data and functionality from external and internal sources, This is where System Integrations experts become useful.

As clients gain more visibility into the end-to-end supply chain, companies are  tasked  with the requirement to guarantee quality integrations of their mission-critical systems. Creating a greater demand for accuracy, integrity, robust security, and data privacy when it comes to system integrations and choosing the right platform vendors.

ONIS has participated in hundreds of enterprise applications, giving us the expertise to consult, develop, implement, and integrate the most complex legacy systems and technologies in the market while offering reduced time to market launches and greater return on investment.

Our System Integration Services Portfolio

We offer an extensive portfolio of products and system integration solutions and in-depth support through our managed IT support services 24/7/365. Our deep experience in software implementation and our commitment to deliver the best results drive our success.

Our business solutions consultants are ready to deliver the best in class IT strategy and solutions to support your next system integrations as you advance into the future.

  • Security – improve risk management, productivity, data integrity, governance, and operational compliance with ONIS IT infrastructure consulting.

  • Global delivery network – Our nearshore application development and delivery centers provide clients with proper staff augmentation and business solutions consultants with the best combination of value and expertise at the right prices.

  • IP-based solutions – Wherever you are, whenever you need it, but only accessible for those with clearance.


Entering the Systems Integration Landscape

ONIS understands the need to simplify IT architecture as businesses continue to grow and develop. Our business solutions consultants recognize the importance of preserving your business processes and data sources, and the need to modernize legacy systems and optimize your IT strategy for your mission-critical applications. Our business System Integration Services offers a connected IT infrastructure for strong system interconnectivity and optimized interoperability between platforms with lower integration costs.

Our expert digital business consultants can you help you assess your current IT strategy and legacy tools to achieve compliant systems optimization and make a smart IT Investment:

System Integrations-01.png

Reduce operative costs

Leverage effective system integration architect services and seamless technology to enhance your  operational business processes, boost enterprise agility, and create an efficient workforce while offering lower integration costs.

System Integrations-02.png

Integrate legacy systems

To achieve effective processes and operational compliance, it is essential to modernize legacy tools to continue  running in the same environments as your software, avoiding isolated cloud-based environments that will slow down your taskforce.

System Integrations-03.png

Access data in real-time

Reduce data discrepancies with successful analytics-driven compliant systems that manage your mission-critical business data and make it available whenever and wherever you need it.

System Integrations-04.png


Reduce time-to-market launches by preventing downtimes that can cause enterprise-wide disruption.

System Integrations-05.png

Operational Compliance

Successful processes, specifically CAPEX planning, demand effective governance, and compliant systems. At ONIS, we guarantee full governance and compliance with our system integration services.

System Integrations-06.png

Adopt & adapt to new IT landscapes

Our digital business consultants will work with your current IT infrastructure to help you modernize legacy systems and integrate with new or existing software to achieve operational excellence.  We have rich experience working with diverse platform vendors, software, and applications, such as NetSuite, Salesforce, AWS Integration, Oracle, and CPQ.

Every system integration architecture is unique to its environment and business processes. Our digital business consultants understand that every IT strategy must be minutely constructed and detailed to achieve operational compliance excellence. We guarantee to meet your unique requirements to help you achieve success.

Platform vendors we work with


How we work

We are a customer-oriented company. What is best for our customers is best for us. Our digital business consultants guide our clients to drive business and technical results from their current IT investment, choose the right platforms vendors for their IT architecture according to their legacy tools. As a result, our clients experience the full potential of ONIS System Integration services while leveraging our strategy and management consulting.

Our digital consultant experts first align with clients on their desired business outcomes, CapEx planning, and KPIs to establish the best IT strategy and reference architecture as a roadmap for implementation and satisfaction.  During this initial step, it is crucial to verify the project priorities to be on the same page and advancing at the same pace.

To ensure optimal performance and operational compliance, our experts will assist in measuring, monitoring, and managing the integrated assets and data to provide support while evaluating further IT infrastructure consulting opportunities to achieve maximum optimization and efficiency in your day-to-day processes, data flows, and digital connectedness.

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System Integration Services that guarantee results

Our business developing consulting and system integration services help you synchronize all your legacy systems and operational processes to work seamlessly together so you can optimize CAPEX and reach your goals.

We have vast experience working with ASAP, OSM, M6, BRM, EMA, EMM, CHS, BSCS, Matrixx, Hansen, and much more platform vendors! Let the experts skyrocket your digital transformation with unique and incomparable end-to-end integration supervised and supported through all its life cycle. Lower integration costs and optimize CAPEX with us!

ONIS continues to grow!

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