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Data management and BuSINESS INTELLIGENCE

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Streaming Analytics Going Mainstream?

A quick look at how PaaS and IaaS work in Streaming Analytics. So lately we are working in new architectures and discovering new ways to get data ingested. We find that the faster we go the more checking we need to really do and closer to where the ingestion is rather than...


Data Scientists - Get This Right

So we talked about Data Science previously so lets get this sorted. First of all there are multiple ways to get into Data Science for your benefit I am going to outline them here. Business, Hadoop (Big Data), Mathematics, Statistics and programming. The profile of how you entered into...


Data Valuation: How to Stand Out in Data Strategy

Often, we look to technology to solve our problems and in the process creating new ones. You will need to do a few things differently in order to stand out, and one of them is to understand the paradox of what is happening right now in Data. A decade ago, we did not have enough data...


The Ripple Effect

Platform based companies have been the models of success in the last decade. Uber, Airbnb and Ebay transformed industries enough to be called the next Industrial Revolution. The Pandemic caused some ripples in the model however and it points out a few key things...


Secrets of Simplifying Complex Data Problems

The trick around managing data is to manage out complexity and manage in the innovation. Easier said than done so I am going to break down some of the ways we can do it and I am pretty sure you have not seen this in the mainstream blogs. Let’s get down to it. Unstructured data...

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