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Fast IoT with Azure IoT Hub

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

As you get further involved in IoT projects you will be faced with a bewildering array of software, protocols and technology. It is not always clear what is best and what will scale and how to future proof your implementations.

As you think through this remember that IoT implementations are very different than other projects. You will need to remember a few key things that will make life easier. First recall that decision making is not based on the ability to make decisions when the data gets to the backend database. Often you need to push analytics to the edge rather than wait for a day or so for data to synch with your Datawarehouse. Also you will need to update, patch and encrypt a lot of your devices and quite often. Develop a plan for that but also remember it is hard to deliver a final product if you do not count this into your operations plan. This is where Azure fits in nicely, with IoT Hub it has brought to bear some services that make building applications really easy. IoT hub can authenticate numerous devices as well as work with Eventbridge to build applications as soon as data is being read. The ability to set up IoT hub in a few menu selections makes this a very fast implementation and the SDK mean that the open source nature of any code is there as well as minimizing a lot of the coding. Another advantage is you can setup a test bed in hours and make sure that information is getting to where it is needed. The hard parts are basically already done for you. Focus your thoughts on what the data is telling you rather than getting caught up in the details of what is faster AWS or Azure. Sometimes its about what is convenient and manageable to get the job done. #Azure #IoT #Eventbridge #Cloud

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