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CRM Optimization

Our CRM Optimization procedures focus on bringing companies and customers together. Our clients can compile data through our CRM Solutions, analyze information, and comprehend customer relationships for better decision-making.

Are you a partner or just a provider?

CRM, at its core, is the relationship or partnership between you as a company and your customer. We want to partner with you to help you be the best partner possible for YOUR clients.

When it comes to prospecting leads, CRM Optimization is the right tool to use. Create a seamless customer experience that leads to customer happiness and satisfaction to achieve brand loyalty. Keep a careful, organized, and complete customer tracking log that stores all the information and interactions any member of your staff have had with your clients at any given moment in every communication channel.

Though the CRM landscape has a wide array of benefits and tools to offer, its foundation is establishing the best relationship between your company and your customers. With ONIS as your partner, you can focus on your clients, and we'll help you with the tech.

CRM Optimization for Prospecting Leads and Customer Retention

CRM Optimization is productivity improvement. Prospecting leads is about compiling data, improving customer relationships, and enhancing your business processes to achieve efficiency and optimization with a better return on investments.


 Let our strategic planning consultants develop the best CRM strategy for your company, with a customer-driven CRM software integration.

Our Implementation Architecture Models

From initiation to completion, our CRM Optimization Practice covers all CRM software integration and services necessary for our clients to cater to customers' needs.

To fully develop a great CRM Strategy, we offer the following implementation architecture models.


Industry Solutions

ONIS successfully delivers CRM integration services and technical solutions across industry verticals, including:

  • Telecom

  • Education

  • Government

  • Non-Profit

  • Financial Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

Technical Solutions and Support

A great CRM software integration allows for a significant increase in productivity and provides a seamless customer experience.  Some of the areas we excel at include:

  • CRM Architecture/Implementation

  • Experts in Technical Debt Reduction

  • CRM Process Optimization

  • Digital Community Development

  • Integration, Design, and Implementation

  • Custom Application Development

  • Compliance and Documentation

  • Automation

  • Upgrades and Migrations

360 Customer View

A 360-degree view of a customer is a collection of all your customer knowledge in one place. From necessary contact information on customers to all their past and present purchasing data. As well as all interactions with customer service and their social media behavior. All the information you need to cater to customer needs.

Improved customer tracking and understanding of your behavior will help your company enhance profitability and customer retention.


CRM helps companies of all sizes cater to customer needs and drive business growth. Small medium-sized businesses can immensely benefit from CRM integration services since teams can do more with less.

our CRM process

Each CRM Optimization our strategic planning consultants' implement is unique, fitted to the clients' needs, expectations, and goals.







Our consultants are with you every step of the way. Our goal is to deliver the best CRM software integration fit for you and your customers' needs.

our CRM process

We have an ample array of experience in various CRM landscapes to create a seamless customer experience.

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Choosing the Right Platform

Before executing the best CRM strategy for your company, it is crucial to choose the right platform. Our consultants will assess your business processes, current CRM landscape, and customer tracking to understand better the form you do business and recommend the venue to benefit productivity improvement.


CRM is more than just compiling data for customer knowledge and improving customer relationships; this is just a part of its benefits. It can help you develop customer relationships by integrating other business apps into your CRM landscape. It will also help you create reports faster and let your staff focus on what matters.

We speak fluent Salesforce

ONIS Solutions is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner. We have global Salesforce expertise in Consulting and Delivery. Let our strategic planning consultants lead the way in Salesforce!

Why choose ONIS?

At ONIS, our interest is that you improve your business processes and customer retention. Our goal is your customers' happiness and improve your return on investment with CRM Integration services tailored to your company.

We understand that strategic and effective decision making can only be done when customer tracking data is available and funneled into organized reports where you can make sense of it and a critical analysis of your company's performance. Customer knowledge should always be general for your staff.


Our Key Differentiators

Our deep expertise in IT Solutions enables the successful delivery of complex System Integrations, Data Management and Architecture Enablement, and, most importantly, Digital Transformation, while leveraging our codeless/low code software platform to drive successful IT modernization. These are the key differentiators at ONIS. Learn more about ONIS Digital Architect.


Get the Best Competitive Costs in the Market

CRM Optimization stands also for budget optimization. At ONIS, we value customer happiness when achieving the best optimal technical solutions while not going over the budget. Improve customer relationships and business processes while reducing operative costs.


We do Global

Our Nearshore/Onshore Model allows us to provide timely expertise and technical support across the Americas. With similar time zones to the U.S., our facilities in Monterrey, Mexico were opened in 2018 and have successfully delivered hundreds of projects ever since. Here our keen crew of technology solutions experts on salesforce customization and software product development works non-stop to exceed expectations.


Continuous Training and Learning

Our multilingual, elite, and highly experienced teams position themselves at the forefront of technology to ensure the delivery of ground-breaking technical solutions and technology services. We are ready to help you exceed expectations.


case study:

Implementation of Salesforce solution to remove risk and accelerate efficiency. A technology company was hired by a webhosting U.S. government provider with a $5 million dollar revenue to tracked their operations. This activity was being performed manually by a single resource on one machine using a spreadsheet. This service represented one third of the tech company’s revenue.


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