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As an IT Solutions and Technology Services Firm, ONIS Solutions is an industry leader in transforming IT Operations, delivering superior System Integrations and providing Technology Services to enable digital transformation.


ONIS Solutions is a leading IT Solutions and Technology Services Firm serving clients worldwide. Recognized as an industry pioneer and trusted business partner, ONIS works with small, medium, and large businesses to improve IT Operations. We provide the ability to access, move, manage, and store mission-critical data, backed by superior 24/7/365, multilingual experts in their fields.

We are IT experts in designing, building, and delivering business-driven technology solutions. Since 2010, we have grown from a start-up to an industry leader with global delivery centers and teams located in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and staff in Brazil and Israel. ONIS is highly skilled in delivering successful projects, which include planning, deploying, and supporting projects across the globe for both the private and public sectors.

Our IT SOLUTIONS and technology services offered

Our deep expertise in IT Solutions enables the successful delivery of complex System Integrations, Data Management and Architecture Enablement, and most important, Digital Transformation, while leveraging our codeless/low-code software platform to drive successful IT modernization. These are the key differentiators at ONIS. We take pride in delivering the latest technologies in the ever-changing IT landscape to ensure our clients remain competitive and relevant. Our elite and highly experienced teams position themselves at the forefront of technology to ensure the delivery of ground-breaking technology solutions and services.


We thrive on facing challenges by applying our technology services and IT solutions which combined, enable the delivery of successful outcomes to our global client base. These include: 

  • System Integration: We have a very Deep History of Delivering Successful System Integrations with the broadest and most used business applications.

  • Strategic Consulting Expertise: Our Executive Team is comprised of highly experienced technology experts who were formerly Executives within our Client Base. We offer Expert Solution Engineering and Analysis in a broad array of markets.

  • IT Managed Services and IT Support Solutions: We cover the Entire Solution Lifecycle from Concept to Support and Managed Services.


We have a 24/7/365 multilingual team of experts in IT solutions and technology services. Within each of our IT Practices, ONIS can deliver a number of IT services designed to meet unique customer needs. 

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ONIS Digital Architect – (ODA) is an intelligent process automation technology platform that enables a successful digital transformation by delivering traditional services in a codeless or low-code environment. Some of the key functions addressed by ODA are:

  • SaaS Management and Compliance: Real-time visibility and control of SaaS vendors, subscriptions, budgets, people, and teams that use them making it simple to optimize expenses and ensure compliance.

  • Digital Portal Accelerator: Converge disparate portals into a single branded smart portal experience that leverages policies and data to self-render customer user-interfaces, employee, and partner portals with automated fulfillment capabilities to reduce operational cost and complexity without IT performing manual webpage development.

  • Multi-Cloud Management: Enable on-demand availability and employee self-service for approved cloud services in a few clicks with real-time cost and budget controls, chargebacks, invoicing, monitoring, and full-service awareness.

  • Intelligent Onboarding and Off-boarding: Use more products, expand the use of services and automate on-boarding, billing, administration, and management across the entire partner lifecycle to maximize value and reduce IT and DevOps overhead costs while ensuring compliance with real-time dashboards or on-demand reports.

THE onis value

Our managed services and expert IT consultancy helps guide Fortune 500 Firms through major technology transformations by providing operational support, business systems services, and software products.

Through our service delivery know-how of smart portals and process automation, we can help your business reach its goals by modernizing IT Operations.


 With our Nearshore Delivery Model, ONIS provides on-demand-top-tier talent based on your project needs and time requirements to deliver the finest IT solutions and technology services your company deserves!


We use small, highly experienced project teams that deliver high-value, measurable results by working collaboratively with clients through a user-centered, technology-based, and business-driven solutions methodology. ONIS delivers high-performing and measurable technology solutions.


We are an IT consulting firm that works side by side with our clients to create a customized strategic plan that meets specific technology needs and requirements. By mapping out a digital transformation blueprint, we can offer many solution configurations that create the foundation of transformation accelerators that lead to cost savings, process automation, and the efficiency our clients are looking for.


Our expertise, and acquired technology best practices enable the delivery of IT Solutions across a complex project and ensure an optimized, cost-efficient, and manageable solution tuned to your environment. These technology environments include Salesforce, Vmware, Oracle Siebel, CPQ, Microsoft, Qlik, IBM, Netcracker, CSG, and Amdocs.

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ONIS US Offices

1200 Route 22 East, Suite 2000, Bridgewater, NJ, USA, 08807

PH +1 770 493-5588

ONIS Canada Office

3250 Bloor St. W Suite 600,

Etobicoke ON, CAN, M8X 2Y4

ONIS Mexico Office

Torre Invex, Av. Ricardo Margáin Zozaya 315, Col. Santa Engracia,

San Pedro Gza Gía, NL, 66267, MX

PH +1 811 642 2576


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